My Story

The fragrance collection
I am Rachel and i am the founder of 'The Fragrance Collection'.  Firstly, thanks for stopping by and checking out my store.
Like many of you, i always want to look and feel the best i can.  A good perfume helps me achieve that feeling and brings a smile to my face.
I couldn't get my head around why there are now so may  great alternatives on the high street for designer clothing but not for my favourite fragrances.  It didn't seem right that my perfume was more expensive than my favourite outfit!
Getting ready for a night out and finding a £60 bottle of designer perfume had been ruined (i had left it in the sun!), i knew i had to look for alternatives!
After trawling the intent i came across 'FM Perfumes' - they produce the same , great scents, using the same high quality oils and they even produce them in the same factories as the big designer names!  It was becoming clear to me that you really are paying for a designer brand and a glass when you buy expensive perfume.
They could offer me, designer inspired fragrances for often less than thalf the process of the designer alternatives and they also allow me to offer the same deals to my friends and family.  It was then i decided i wanted to provide these great fragrances to as many people as possible!
On my journey i learnt so much about fragrances and the emotions they can create and over the coming months, i will be launching my own products and my own scents.  I will be even more excited to share those with you.
Until then, why not joining m in exploring smells you have not had the opportunity to buy due to the previous high costs or simple stock up on those scents you love to wear every single day.
These scents last just as long as the designer brands but cost you a fraction of the price.
Please let me know how you get on.
Best Wishes,
Rachel x