What are Copycat Perfumes and How can you buy one?

What are Copycat Perfumes and How can you buy one?

Never heard of copycat perfumes? Then this article is for you! You’re about to be amazed!!

Copycat Perfumes are designer inspired fragrances that very closely match the scent of some of the best-selling perfumes on the market.

You may ask, is this illegal? And it’s a good question! The answer is no. Copycat perfumes simply take inspiration from the original blends. It’s much like in fashion where other brands take inspiration from the seasonal fashion runways. High street stores produce very similar looking pieces that they sell at much lower prices. Similarly, copycat perfumes take inspiration from the most popular fragrances in the industry to produce scents that they can sell for a lot less than the designer brands.

To understand this a bit more we need to delve deeper into the world of perfumiers.

Fragrances are made from different combinations of essential oils, called “notes”. These essential oils are extracted from various natural materials such as flowers, woods, spices and herbs. Each essential oil has a particular smell and when blended with others it gives an overall scent. 

Notes are layered in sets, namely Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes, with the aim of each layer of scent unfolding over time. Top notes are the perfume’s first impressions which tend to evaporate quickly, middle notes form the “heart” of the fragrance leading to the base notes which are intended for a slow reveal and lingering scent

Combinations of different notes can make a perfume more floral, woody or oriental and there are several different “fragrance families” that scents can be grouped into. Perfumes are often listed with each ingredient in the top, middle and base notes.

It is due to this precise blending of oils that make it easy to replicate a fragrance. 

Copycat perfumes take the listed ingredients in a designer fragrance and reproduce it changing just one or two notes to create an original fragrance but one very similar to the scent it is inspired by. To the untrained nose it is very hard to tell the difference between the original and the replica. 

So are copycat perfumes the same strength as the originals? Another good question! Yes they are! Fragrances are a blend of the essential oils (notes), alcohol and water therefore they are also categorised by strength depending on how much perfume oil a scent contains. Eau de Toilettes contain between 5% - 10% perfume oil and Eau de Parfums contain between 15% - 20% perfume oil.

 So you might ask, where can I buy copycat perfume and how much does it cost?

Surprisingly, creating the scent is the cheapest part of making perfume. Many designer fragrances have huge price tags but the majority of costs stem from excessive bottle designs and astronomical advertising and marketing prices.

At The Fragrance Collection we offer copycat perfumes that are sold in simple yet stylish bottles and without any hefty designer ad costs we can price our fragrances at a much lower rate. All of our scents contain 20% perfume oil making them good quality Eau de Parfums that will last the whole day.

This means you get a fragrance that smells just like your favourite perfume, lasts just as long and for a fraction of the price! You can search our website for your favourite fragrance to find our matched copycat perfume and enjoy savings of between £30 and £170! There really is no catch!!