Find the Fragrance that Defines You!

A Scent can make a moment unforgettable. Capturing desire, success and fame, the essence of imagination. We all know designer fragrances come with a hefty price tag, so what if you could feel better, for less? 

Welcome to the world of Copycat Fragrances! 

All perfumes are created with natural ingredients known as “notes”. Essential oils from flowers, wood, herbs and spices are built up in layers called Base Notes, Heart Notes and Top Notes. This combination of ingredients are what make a scent unique in its smell, but each fragrance can be recreated using the same or very similar notes. 

Introducing: The Fragrance Collection. Designer Inspired Scents - low prices, premium quality.

You might think that buying cheap perfume means weak or bad quality but with a concentration of 20% perfume oil, our eau de parfums use world class ingredients to ensure you smell amazing all day. Made by the same manufacturers as many well known brands, our copycat perfumes are cheap perfume alternatives to the expensive luxury fragrances.

With our two collections; PURE and PURE ROYAL, there is a fragrance to match every scent and budget.

Our PURE Range are designer perfume copies for the everyday. With our bottles at just £14.90 each, you can save anywhere between £20-£80 on your favourite fragrances. We match the most popular highstreet scents to ensure you feel confident without breaking the bank. 

Our PURE ROYAL collection is luxurious in every sense, reserved for the very best designer inspired perfumes. Packaged in an exquisite bottle and box for £24.90 we can match the most sophisticated fragrances giving you savings of up to £170!

So are you ready to make an impression? Our copycat fragrances use premium quality ingredients to give long-lasting scents with huge savings on all your favourite branded perfumes. Search our website for your favourite fragrance and we’ll match it. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start feeling a million dollars!