A List of Top Mens Aftershaves Online

At The Fragrance Collection we offer the best matches for your top mens aftershave, but are stuck on which one to buy?

Are you ready to jump on a sophisticated and adventurous exploration through some of the top mens aftershave on the market? From Paco Rabanne, Tom Ford, Armani, Dior and many more we can match all your favourite designer fragrances.

Finding an aftershave that suits you can give you the confidence you need to have a great day at work or even success on a date. If you’re looking for a new scent, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of our top mens aftershave. From woody to chypre, fougere to citrus, we have aftershaves to suit every man! Find our favourites and the best deals on the most popular scents below.

#10 - Chanel Allure Homme Sport (452 - £14.90 - Save £63.10) 

Fresh, daring and clean, it’s no surprise that this Chanel classic comes in at number 10 top mens aftershave. Crisp, minty, citrusy notes lead into a woody heart before being rounded off by a warm vanilla and tonka bean accord. Autumnal beach vibes and cool sea dips come to mind.

#9 - Armani Code Ultimate (466 - £14.90 - Save £44.10)

A woody, oriental scent perfect for winter days. This alluring fragrance opens with refreshing citrus tones, apple blossom, watermelon and clove are revealed before leading into a woody base of cedar, sandal and guaiac. Smokey, intriguing and addictive!

#8 - Invictus Paco Rabanne (471 - £14.90 - Save £35.10)

Powerful yet minimal, Invictus by Paco Rabanne opens with ripe grapefruit and tangerine, smooth bay leaf and jasmine soften the heart before revealing a sensual base of patchouli, oakmoss and ambergris. A scent for the sporty individual ready to take on the day.

#7 - Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier (110 - £14.90 - Save £35.10)

The Jean Paul Gaultier classic comes in at #7, sensual and rebellious, a scent of two halves. Top notes of cardamom, lavender and bergamot create a spicy yet floral head. Orange blossom and lily of the valley lead into a vanilla and musky base rounding off this audacious scent. One for the daring, unruly type.

#6 - Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu (479 - £14.90 - Save £35.50)

The true essence of earth, this sensational scent is perfect for any nature loving man. Sicilian bergamot and Italian lemon open the show, with violet leaves, geranium and wild jasmine creating an elegant and sophisticated heart. White musk, oakmoss and cedarwood round off this warm and sumptuous fragrance.


#5 - Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir (905 - £14.90 - Save £73.50)

Jo Malone’s Unisex scents are the perfect combination of softness and strength. Pomegranate Noir is a dark but sensual Eau de Parfum for the sophisticated yet hedonistic individual, a smokey sweet and sacred fragrance reminiscent of wild nights filled with extravagance and indulgence. Our favourite autumn/winter scent for men or women.

#4 - 1 Million Paco Rabanne (471 - £14.90 - Save £35.10)

A fragrance fit for kings, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne is dripping in feelings of luxury, extravagance and gold. Fruity and spicy with a base of patchouli, tonka bean and myrrh, this aftershave is reserved only for royals.

#3 - Dior Sauvage (473 - £14.90 - Save £40.10)

A hard choice between the three top mens aftershave. In at #3 is Dior Sauvage, a magical scent which ignites man’s connection to nature. Top notes of golden, citrusy bergamot and spicy pink pepper compliment sweet floral notes of warm amber and serene lavender. Earthy, woody base notes of patchouli and vetiver round off the aroma creating a masculine Eau De Parfum, deep, fresh and intense. A magnificent all-rounder perfect for day or night wear, all year round.

#2 - Creed Aventus (472 - £14.90 - Save £170.10)

Creed Aventus is a classic, iconic scent with over 250 years of history. It radiates exquisite Italian Bergamot with an exotic blend of Blackcurrant and Lime. The subtle earthy tones of Elemi Resin and Rosemary harmonise with fresh sparks of Calville Blanc apples and crisp pineapple. Musky base notes of Cedar Wood are finished off with a warm touch of Patchouli to create an exclusive infusion for the sophisticated gentleman that lasts all day.

#1 - Tom Ford F**king Fabulous  (423 - £24.50 - Save £173.50)

A controversial fragrance in name and scent., the explicit yet decadent Tom Ford F**cking Fabulous is our #1 top mens aftershave. A statement fragrance in all its glory. Big, bold, beautiful. One of the most luxurious scents on the market, it opens with a vigorous head of Wild Lavender and smooth Clary Sage, a dancing floral bouquet for the senses. Bitter Almond balances the sweet Vanilla Blossom and fragrant Iris flower revealing a heart drenched in exquisite richness. Warm and lavish leather undertones caress exotic Tonka Bean and Amber, while Cashmere Musk creates a final glowing confidence of pure extravagance and fabulous-ness!

We hope that our journey through our top mens aftershave has helped you discover a little more about the world of designer inspired scents.

All of our aftershaves contain 20% perfume oils, making them official Eau de Parfums, and use the best quality ingredients to ensure your scent lasts all day. Embrace your inner suave and search our website for your favourite top mens aftershave to start saving today.