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Top 10 Designer Perfumes for Women

At The Fragrance Collection you can find the best matches to all your favourite scents, but are you struggling to find a fragrance that suits you?  It’s a very personal decision and one that takes a bit of time and understanding. With that in mind we thought we would help you out by compiling a list of our top designer perfumes for women. You are about to embark on a sensual and seductive journey through some of the best women's fragrances on the market. From Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and many more we can match more than 150 designer perfumes. From floral to oriental, citrus to woody, we’ve got winners to suit every palette! Find the...

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Find the Fragrance that Defines You!

A Scent can make a moment unforgettable. Capturing desire, success and fame, the essence of imagination. We all know designer fragrances come with a hefty price tag, so what if you could feel better, for less?  Welcome to the world of Copycat Fragrances!  All perfumes are created with natural ingredients known as “notes”. Essential oils from flowers, wood, herbs and spices are built up in layers called Base Notes, Heart Notes and Top Notes. This combination of ingredients are what make a scent unique in its smell, but each fragrance can be recreated using the same or very similar notes.  Introducing: The Fragrance Collection. Designer Inspired Scents - low prices, premium quality. You might think that buying cheap perfume means...

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